Open your piano roll. Grab the pen tool and MIDI scribble


What’s this? Sia wrote Diamonds, Rihanna’s hit song in just 14 minutes. Sia put on the beat and then the lyrics flowed. The album has been certified five times platinum in the US. It is difficult to personalized gift keep track of time. You will end up questioning your decisions if you spend too much time. If you do not take action, nothing will be accomplished. What is the solution? The solution? Set a deadline. Set a shorter time limit than you usually write. Set a time limit that is shorter than what you normally write in. This will allow you to focus more on the important things, create more songs, and streamline your process. The more you practice, the better it gets. Simple is best when it comes to writing songs. It’s difficult to do. It’s important to take a ruthless approach.

Ask the Beatles. The Beatles’ song “Love Me Do” contains exactly 19 words. It’s one of the best-known songs ever. Every songwriter must master the art of simplicity. This keeps your song relatable, interesting, and catchy. Who doesn’t like a good sing-along? Infinity is real. A blank DAW is the only thing you will need to prove that infinity exists. VST plug-ins are endless, as well as effects and processing.

Infinity may not always be a positive thing. Setting a limit on your gear can be a great way to improve songwriting. Begin with a list that is as strict as possible. Your ideas should be limited to the gear you have. The ideas will come to life much quicker than if you had to choose between an endless number of options. Limitations can actually make you creative. You have to be creative and work within your limitations. The layover method is another way to write more personal lyrics.

Imagine that you are on an extended trip abroad and have found the time to send a letter via postcard to someone you love during a stopover at an airport. What would you write after so much time away? You can choose the story you want to tell. Maybe you miss your partner or are sad because your job takes you far away from what you love. This letter is going to be on a postcard, so it’s important to keep your message short and sweet. Many great songs are written in this way. William S. Burroughs developed the technique of cutting up to aid in his writing. He wasn’t actually writing songs. But he was actually writing books.

His concept works well for songwriting, too. This is pretty easy. Write down a few words you’re thinking about, then cut them and rearrange the pieces to create new ideas. You don’t have to use words. You can use chords, melody, images, or notes. You can tell yourself to first write five songs about a particular piece of equipment or studio tool you are interested in before even considering buying it.

It will help you achieve something beyond just finishing a song. That’s a great accomplishment in and of itself. I am not going to say to you that you should listen to Mozart, and then try to do the same thing.

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